Monday, February 20, 2012

Don’t forget anything!!!!

When you go surfing there are a couple of things that you should remember to bring with you. You will feel more comfortable and your day will be much better!!!
These are the things that I carry with me everytime:
- a couple of towels: one to dry yourself when you get out of the ocean and the other, you never know. Your friends can forget their towels or you may use them to carry more than 1 surfboard in the car. You can put the towel between the surfboard, so they will not hit eachother while you are driving
-  a big big bag (better if waterproof) where you can put your wet suite after you take it off and all your wet stuff. You don’t want to mess up your car!!!
- a bottle of water: if you are surfing in a spot without a shower, you can use it to rinse off or just to clean your feet from the sand
- a hat: during the winter it is best to wear a hat after surfing so that you won’t be cold. Your mom will definitly tell you the same!!!!!
- water to drink: before and after surfing, remember to drink a lot of water. Remember, surfing dehydrates your body.
- sun protecion: you don’t want become old before the time!!!!
So now that you know what you have to bring… let’s surf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Afraid of the ocean????

Many many people (also many of my friends) are afraid of the ocean. It can be really difficult to get into the water and have the focus you need to learn how to surf if you are worried about what is around you and not focused on learning. The fear of the ocean can be from many things, such as big waves, deep dark water, sharks and seaweed monsters. :)
When I started surfing I was afraid of the big waves, it’s difficult if you are not used to being in the ocean. I grew up in the mountains and am not comfortable with the big waves. When I first started I stayed near the shore because you do not need big waves when you are learning. Playing with the foam and learning how to pop up in the broken waves is really fun.  Now that I am getting better I can go out farther from the shore into the big waves. Of course I am still afraid of the wall of water but not like before. I can tell you that if you are afraid of the ocean and you try with passion you can really change your way to enjoy the ocean. In addition to learning this way, I learned to have more respect for the ocean and its power.  Peace.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Now that you know what you need.... let s go in the water!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

What you need to surf??

Fist step to learn how to surf is choosing the right equipment. You need:
- Surfboard: first and more important thing! There are many kinds of board that you can find. In my opinion the foam soft-top boards are the best one to learn.
- Wax: help to keep your feet on the board because you don’t want slide (if you are using a soft-top board you will not need)!
- Leash: attach to your ankle with the back of your board, if you lose the board every time you fall in the water it is not fun at all!
-Wetsuit, if you are not so lucky to leave in a place with warm water you absolutely need a wetsuit to survival in the water.
- Sun Cream (screen): of course…to protect your skin and that beautiful face of yours!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Finally.. Booties Booties

My new G-BOMB 3MM....... just amazing!!!!!!!
Cold water: 0   Me: 1
I know the booties are a little bit expensive, but I promise they will change your life!!!!!!
Thank you for the present! :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tourmaline 01.24.12

Today at Tourmaline Beach (in San Diego) the weather was nice but no one was in the water... the bad weather is probably the reason the waves have been so messy and it didn't help that we went at high tide. Regardless we went surfing anyways and were fighting against the strong current and many sneaker waves... Because nothing can stop us!!!! Thank you BB for coming with me.