Monday, February 20, 2012

Don’t forget anything!!!!

When you go surfing there are a couple of things that you should remember to bring with you. You will feel more comfortable and your day will be much better!!!
These are the things that I carry with me everytime:
- a couple of towels: one to dry yourself when you get out of the ocean and the other, you never know. Your friends can forget their towels or you may use them to carry more than 1 surfboard in the car. You can put the towel between the surfboard, so they will not hit eachother while you are driving
-  a big big bag (better if waterproof) where you can put your wet suite after you take it off and all your wet stuff. You don’t want to mess up your car!!!
- a bottle of water: if you are surfing in a spot without a shower, you can use it to rinse off or just to clean your feet from the sand
- a hat: during the winter it is best to wear a hat after surfing so that you won’t be cold. Your mom will definitly tell you the same!!!!!
- water to drink: before and after surfing, remember to drink a lot of water. Remember, surfing dehydrates your body.
- sun protecion: you don’t want become old before the time!!!!
So now that you know what you have to bring… let’s surf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Those are really cool tips Vale. Thank you to share us. For begginner surfers like me, they will help me to get prepared very well :P